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Faith-Based Education

We come alongside parents to offer education that is shaped by Christian faith. We believe that creation is the work of God, that our world has fallen into sin, and that redemption is possible only through the gracious work of Christ. The world rightfully belongs to God, and he calls Christian people to the privilege and responsibility of redeeming all of life for him.

Because of these foundational beliefs, Pella Christian High School affirms that every aspect of education belongs to God. We acknowledge Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord over all of life. That's why we are committed to weaving Biblical truth into the fabric of all academic courses and extracurricular activities.

In keeping with Jesus' teaching (John 17:13-19), we are called to be active in this world, and yet not completely at home in it. That's why we want our children to question current culture and values. We want to do more than prepare our students to make a difference-we want to prepare them to go out and change the world for Christ.

This lofty goal is one we share with the community of Christian believers. Christian parents entrust their children to Christian educators who, in turn, work closely with Christian congregations and other Christian supporters. None of us stands alone-God works in and through the church, the home, and the school.


Academic excellence is an integral part of Christian education. Excellence in our work is required since students and teachers are ultimately called by God to use their talents, gifts, and abilities to His glory. 

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