Choosing Christian education for your family is a faith-filled commitment that establishes a trusting partnership and ultimately has a profound impact on your child. 我们想要每个合格的, mission-aligned family to be given the opportunity to attend Pella Christian 学校 and we have a variety scholarships, 提供资助计划和储蓄机会. 如果你有问题或者想要讨论你家庭的财务问题, 联系Teresa Ulferts, 招生主任, 在ulfertst@pceagles.网址:621-628-2414.

已经算在学费里了, 学生可以免费参加常规赛, 家庭运动项目, the annual theater productions and a personal Chromebook during the school year at no additional charge.

年家庭服务费, 音乐的费用, dual enrollment costs and a few lab course 费用 may be charged in addition to the first tuition payment in July.

Bonnie Van Wyngarden and her 食品服务 ‘crew’ have been serving delicious and economical meals to the students at Pella Christian High for over 30 years. 他们做的远不止是准备美味的食物, 他们也慷慨地给予我们的学生爱和鼓励. Any families that may qualify for free or reduced lunches are encouraged to fill out an application and return it to the school office as soon as possible. 应用程序可以在 食品服务 页面.

Pella Christian offers a busing service to locations within the Pella School District and many surrounding communities to provide parents a safe and convenient transportation option for their children to 开元电子棋牌游戏欢迎您 and 佩拉基督教小学 students.  我们的班车服务是家庭的额外开支.

在佩拉学区内的地址提供挨家挨户的接送服务.  对于居住在周边地区的人士,巴士站的位置包括:

  • 诺克斯维尔(奥尔德公园)
  • 莉顿(回家接)
  • 门罗(老凯西)
  • 牛顿(农业信贷服务)
  • 奥斯卡卢萨基督教学校
  • 奥特利(上门接机)
  • 皮奥里亚(回家接)
  • 草原城(凯西)
  • 萨利(萨利基督教归正会)
  • 翠西(92号高速车)




金融援助 & 储蓄的机会

对于考虑接受基督教教育的父母来说,支付学费通常是一个问题. We estimate that 70% of parents utilize at least one of the following ways available (other than the Endowment award) to help lower the cost of tuition.

We would love to partner with you as we “educate and nurture each student to serve in God’s world.” We strongly believe that it is important for each family to make a personal financial commitment to their child(rens) education. 但如果你觉得自己被召去接受基督教教育, 我们将在今年和未来尽我们所能在经济上支持你.

1月24日, 2023, 州长雷诺兹签署了学生第一法案, 提供价值7元的教育储蓄账户,在认可私立学校就读的学生. 该计划将在三年内逐步实施,我们的许多家庭将在第一年和第二年获得资格. 


父母 who choose to enroll their children in a nonpublic school will receive the amount of per pupil funds allocated annually by the state to use for tuition, 费用, 及其他符合条件的费用. Funds are deposited into an education savings account (ESA) each year until students graduate or complete high school or turn 20.

2023-24学年生效, 每个学生将获得7美元的资助,每位学生598, 和ESAs将根据以下资格提供:


  • 所有幼稚园学生
  • 所有选择转到佩拉基督教学校的公立学校学生
  • 家庭收入等于或低于联邦贫困线300%的Pella基督教家庭


  • 所有幼稚园学生
  • 所有选择转到佩拉基督教学校的公立学校学生
  • 家庭收入等于或低于联邦贫困线400%的Pella基督教家庭


  • 爱荷华州所有K-12年级的学生,无论收入如何

作为家庭的全新机会, we are learning about Education Savings Accounts as quickly as we can and are excited that ESAs will alleviate much of the financial struggle for families to obtain a Christian education.

开元电子棋牌游戏欢迎您信息并注册获取ESA更新 爱荷华州教育部网站.

爱荷华529账户可用于资助K-12学费支付给爱荷华州认可的学校.   A 529 Plan is an after-tax investment account that grows tax free if distributions are used for qualified educational expenses. 开元电子棋牌游戏欢迎您 is an accredited State of Iowa school and our tuition is a qualified 529 account expense.  爱荷华州的指导方针规定,每个K-12学生的最高529分配为10美元,每公历年5万英镑,且只能用于支付学费.  如果你参加了爱荷华529教育储蓄计划, 请将合格的分发品直接发送给PCHS. 

访问爱荷华州529网站:  www.collegesavingsiowa.com


Families are eligible for assistance through this state-funded tax credit program if their income as shown on line 9 of their IRS Form 1040 for the 2021 tax year is not more than three times the poverty rate (based on the size of their family). 下面的图表显示了二口至七口之家的资格水平.


两个                                $ 54930年
三个                             $ 69090年
四个                               $ 83250年
五                                $ 97410年
六个                                  $ 111570年
七个                              $ 125730年

*STO qualifying levels are based upon 300% of 2022 Federal Poverty Levels as required by Iowa law.

**Family size includes parent(s)/guardian(s) plus total number of dependents claimed on 2021 tax return.


家庭可以在网上填写申通申请表 LOGSTO应用程序 and submitting a copy of 页面 1 of their 2021 tax return to a third-party organization who verifies the eligibility and informs the school. 填写此表格时如需协助,请致电学校办公室. 申请截止日期为4月30日, 2022年(逾期申报者如果仍有资金可用,将获得资金).

这取决于每个家庭的需要. Eligible families are assigned a “point value” based on their income levels and the school uses that point level to determine the amount of the award. 需求越明显,积分值越高,奖励就越大. 


Families who are in need of additional assistance to pay their tuition obligation are eligible to apply for assistance through this fund. 这些基金的申请在4月份进行,奖项在夏季颁发. 然而, families are welcome to apply for financial support at anytime throughout the year as we are aware of circumstances that can arise at anytime that might create a financial need.

学费资助申请可通过FACTS助学金申请 & 援助评估. 去 事实的应用程序 填写申请表并附上所需的所有证明文件. 申请费为40美元,不予退还. 优先截止日期为2022年4月30日. 有关此表格的问题或协助,请与学校办公室联系.

The finance committee reviews the application and financial information and makes the determination of the award.

The 学费 Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP) is a program in which you purchase and use gift cards instead of cash or credit cards to places you normally shop. 涉及的企业 give a percentage of that purchase back to the school as a reduction in your tuition the following year.

本课程由佩拉基督教小学主办. 请致电PCGS办公室641-628-2414或发邮件至trip@pellachristian与他们联系.注册说明网. 有关此计划的更多信息 点击这里 连接到他们的页面.


  • 有孩子目前在PCGS或PCHS注册的家庭
  • 一个计划有一天在PCGS或PCHS有孩子的家庭
  • 一位想要帮助孩子减少学费的祖父母
  • A supporter PCGS or PCHS who wants to help the General 学费 Fund to lower tuition for everyone
  • 任何人都可以参加知识产权项目.

这意味着你会用礼品卡(而不是现金), 检查, 或信用卡)来购买你通常购买的物品.  涉及的企业, 地方和国家, 是否会将您购买的商品的一定比例返还给我们学校以帮助减少学费.

频繁或不频繁,随你选择.  当然,你用得越多,对你和学校就越有好处.

这意味着你会用礼品卡(而不是现金), 检查, 或信用卡)来购买你通常购买的物品.  涉及的企业, 地方和国家, 是否会将您购买的商品的一定比例返还给我们学校以帮助减少学费.

频繁或不频繁,随你选择.  当然,你用得越多,对你和学校就越有好处.

Families can claim a credit of up to $500 for tuition and textbook payments on their State of Iowa income tax return. 用你的学费账单作为付款证明(如果你需要复印件,可以打电话给商务办公室). 请向您的会计咨询有关您的具体税务情况和资格的更多信息.

PCHS的捐赠基金超过4美元.500万年. Each year we use a % of the value of the endowment and distribute that evenly to each student in the high school.

这是一个自动的奖项,所以不需要申请表格. Every enrolled student gets the endowment award credited to them PRIOR to the setting of the tuition amount so this award does not change the tuition cost but rather keeps the tuition cost down for all families by the amount of the award.

The amount of the award is different each year since it is based on a % of the value of the total endowment fund. 其价值与市场挂钩,并以捐赠基金总额的余额为基础.

Two additional discounts are available: one to families who live 10 or more miles from the school (Distance Discount) and another to those with more than one child attending PCHS (Multiple Student Discount)

开元电子棋牌游戏欢迎您招收任何种族的学生, color, 所有权利的民族和伦理渊源, 特权, 项目, 学校里的所有学生都有活动. 它不以种族为基础进行歧视, color, 教育政策管理中的民族和种族渊源, 招生和体育或其他学校管理的政策.
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